The New Hampshire Advantage

Small businesses, and the families that depend on them, are the backbone of New Hampshire’s economy. In Concord, I will always support legislation that will help Seacoast businesses thrive. As a small business owner, myself, I know how difficult it is to succeed and government is best kept out of the way.


I will never support a bill that contains a state income or sales tax. Unlike my opponent who has voted for one 3 times. The State has enough revenue., What it needs is to be run like a business and run efficiently. Additionally, I will work with municipalities along the seacoast to ease regulatory and land use issues that are slowing down new home construction.

Balanced Budget

It is safe to say I have managed and controlled a few budgets in my day. I believe it critical that we do not burden future generations with our government’s current excesses. Families run on a budget, businesses run on a budget, and so can Concord.


I believe every child deserves the best education the State can provide. But it needs to be in partnership with the parents. Schools should ensure curricula is focused on learning outcomes, not divisive political agendas.

Defending Constitutional Rights

We live in the Live Free or Die State, we’re here because we believe we know what is best for us and our families. I will always vote against an attempt to vote in government mandates on our Second Amendment Rights, Our Freedom of Speech, and our individual Health Rights.

Drug Epidemic

To end the opioid epidemic, we must understand its roots. From open borders to after injury prescription addiction. Its not a simple solution. But we can start by holding the drug companies accountable for their part, helping to slow the drug traffic trade and making mental health assistance more readily available.


Reckless spending and bad policy by government bureaucrats leads to inflation. The State has a surplus of cash right now. Send it back to the wage earners who paid it. Every little bit helps, and I will support giving it back.