Lou knows that the New Hampshire Advantage is worth protecting. That’s why Lou will never support Deb Altschiller’s push for an income or sales tax. Lou will always fight to lower taxes and never vote to raise taxes on Granite State families or businesses.


As a successful businessman, Lou knows that a balanced budget is critical to success. In Concord, Lou will work to deliver a balanced budget and reduce spending so that more of your hard-earned dollars stay in your pockets.


A child’s zip code should never determine the value of their educational opportunities. Lou will always fight to ensure that every New Hampshire child has every opportunity possible to succeed and defend parent’s rights over their children’s education.

New Hampshire Advantage

Small businesses are backbone of New Hampshire’s economy and in Concord Lou will always support legislation that will help the Seacoast business community thrive. As a business owner, Lou knows how difficult it is to succeed and knows that the government is best kept out of the way.

Keep Washington Politics Out of New Hampshire

Washington politicians’ decisions are driving up the cost of everything from a gallon of milk to a gallon of gas. Lou will deliver New Hampshire solutions to these problems so that Granite State families aren’t left to foot the bill for Washington’s mistakes.

Defending our Constitutional Rights

Lou strongly believes that individuals make the best decisions for themselves and their families. In Concord, Lou will always protect our second amendment rights, defend free speech and the right for Granite Staters to make their own individual health care decisions.