Meet Lou

Commonsense Leadership for Seacoast Families

Lou Gargiulo is an experienced business leader who built his Seacoast business into the largest real estate management companies in New England.

We need strong leaders with experience and integrity who will stand up to protect our way of life in New Hampshire. Washington politicians’ decisions are driving up the cost of everything from a gallon of milk to a gallon of gas. Instead of providing solutions to these problems, politicians leave middle-class families in New Hampshire to foot the bill.

Lou Gargiulo is an experienced business leader who will use this real-world experience to deliver for Seacoast families and businesses. He will never support an income tax and will always fight for a balanced budget with responsible spending.

Lou will work with the Governor and members of both political parties in a bipartisan manner to impart positive change to improve our children’s education, balance the budget, help small business and always put the interests of Seacoast families first.

Lou will always listen to his constituents and bring their concerns to Concord. He will not be influenced by special interests, political elites, or any political party, nor will he compromise his core values. Any action he takes, or any decision he makes will be guided by what’s in the best interest of his constituents and the next generation, not the next election.

Lou Gargiulo is a husband, father, and grandfather. He is an Army veteran and serves as a Selectman in Hampton Falls, where he lives with his wife Mary.